Mazloum Abdi: ISIS is reorganising in places controlled by Turkey

Mazloum Abdi: ISIS is reorganising in places controlled by Turkey

  • Date: July 13, 2021
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Μαζλούμ Αμπντί: Το ISIS αναδιοργανώνεται σε μέρη που ελέγχονται από την Τουρκία

Mazloum Abdi: ISIS is reorganising in places controlled by Turkey

SDF General Commander stated that it is widely known in the region that ISIS is reorganising in the places which are controlled by Turkey

Mazloum Abdi, the General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was a special guest at Sterk TV and spoke about the latest developments in North and East Syria.

He stated that with the intervention of international powers, and especially Turkey, the civil war in Syria turned into a disastrous crisis.Making it known that ISIS is reorganising in the areas controlled by Turkey, Mazloum Abdi took a clear stance against a possible war between different Kurdish forces.

“We will not accept it, we will take a stand against whoever wants this ” he said.

He noted that the threat of ISIS is still very real: “It is now clear. Everyone knows that the lands occupied by the Turkish state have become headquarters from which ISIS is reorganising and attacking other areas”.

Commander Abdi also claimed that the ISIS attacks against the Autonomous Administration areas had been planned in Tell Abiad (Girê Spî) and Ras al-Ayn (Serêkanîyê), which are controlled by Turkey.

Abdi spoke too about the latest debates around national unity among Kurds. He emphasised that the Kurds have enemies that target their status.

“Where the Kurds have power, where the Kurds have status, the Turkish state will attack. Turkey will always find excuses for such attacks and invasion plans.”

Abdi continued: “First of all, everyone should know this fact. A possible conflict between Kurdish forces will only benefit the Turkish state. Other than the Turkish state, no one at all will benefit. There is a risk of conflict between Kurdish forces, People’s Defence Forces (HPG) and Peshmerga forces. This is causing us concern. Any such possible conflict will set back the achievements of the Kurdish people by decades.”

Abdi underlined that their position is clear in relation to a possible civil war between Kurds.

“Our stance is clear. We never want and will never accept a war between Kurds. And no matter who causes such a war, we will take a stance against it.”