Martyr Evîn Goyî devoted 34 years to the struggle

Martyr Evîn Goyî devoted 34 years to the struggle

  • Date: January 1, 2023
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Η μάρτυρας Εμινέ Καρά αφιέρωσε 34 χρόνια στον Κουρδικό αγώνα

Martyr Evîn Goyî devoted 34 years to the struggle

Evîn Goyî, who contributed to the development of the free women's line in the Rojava Revolution, fought and devoted her life to the struggle. She also insisted on the free woman line against ISIS brutality.

Evîn Goyî was born in the village of Hilal in the Qileban district of the Botan Region of Bakur Kurdistan. She joined the ranks of the PKK in 1988, and fought against the misogynist terrorist group ISIS. She defeated the Islamic State leading the Rojava Revolution and was wounded in this war.

Artist Mir Perwer and activist Abdurrahman Kızıl were killed together with KCK Executive Council Member Evîn Goyî (Emine Kara), in the massacre that took place in Paris on 23 December 2022.

Leading the communes and assemblies

Cahid Hesen, who met Martyr Evîn Goyî in 2011 in Başûrê Kurdistan, said: “In 2011, I had the chance to meet with Heval Evîn, albeit briefly. In the first months of 2016, we were in the same area in Rojava Kurdistan and took part in the same administration. Undoubtedly, Heval Evîn played a great leading role in both the Rojava-North and East Syria Revolution. She carried out activities for the communes and assemblies in TEV-DEM.

She has a place in the hearts of Arab people

She gained a place in the hearts of the people of Rojava in a short time as she was a very social comrade. She gained a place not only among the Kurdish people, but also among the Arab and other components. She assumed the leading role from villages to cities in Rojava Kurdistan, and built communes and assemblies with her own hands. She also assumed the leading role of the Social Defense Forces.”

Stating that Evîn Goyî was known for her modesty, Cahid mentions her role in the Rojava Revolution as follows: “Heval Evîn was a pioneer. Her conversation was deep and she was an understanding friend. She had no have problems with anyone and always tried to listen and understand the other person.

She strived for a democratic Syria

She thought a lot about the further development of the Rojava Revolution, its exemplary status in Kurdistan, and how to contribute to the creation of a democratic Syria.”

Leading the women’s struggle for 34 years

Cahid refers to Evîn Goyî's 34-year struggle, saying that she “dedicated her life to the Freedom Struggle. Undoubtedly, she also led the Women's Freedom Struggle in the Rojava Revolution. Although her health deteriorated towards the end of 2018, she continued to work. Heval Evîn fought in 4 parts of Kurdistan. Kurdistan has set an example for women in the Middle East and has become a symbol of resistance to the oppressed peoples, to the peoples who struggle for democracy and freedom, regardless of fatigue, hunger or thirst.”

'France should clarify the massacre or it will become a partner in this crime'

Drawing attention to the 2nd Paris massacre, which coincided with the anniversary of the martyrdom of Martyrs Sara, Fîdan and Leyla, who were also murdered in Paris in 2013, Cahid Hesen said: “France should not cover up the massacre, it should bring the truth to light. If the Turkish state and MIT are behind this massacre, France will also be partners if the massacre on 23 December is not clarified. We will continue to fight so that the massacre is not covered up.”

'A valuable friend'

Kelsuma Eyup said that she met Evîn Goyî in Dirbesiyê in 2018 and described those days as follows: “She used to hold meetings all the time, the people in the district were loyal to Heval Evîn. She was a valuable friend. She was a loved and respected friend. Heval Evîn was guiding and smiling. She made efforts not to stray from the right path, she had the power to comprehend what is right and wrong.”

Kelsuma added: “She was as comfortable in our house as if it were her own. We opened our home and our hearts to Heval Evîn. Our house was made of adobe. She loved such houses. My children were very young at that time and her communication with the children was very good. My 5 children were very fond of Heval Evîn. They always asked when he would come.”

'We will protect her work'

Kelsuma said: “Heval Evîn was at the forefront of the marches. She gained a place in the hearts of the people in a short time. Her death saddened us. Those days passed before my eyes like a film and everyone was shocked. We will increase our struggle to protect her work.”

She gave courage to others

Evîn Seydo said she got to know Evîn Goyî when she came to her house in 2017. “Her speech was natural, she always laughed. Even when she didn't come to our house, we would go to any house she went to right away. Because we loved to listen to Heval Evîn, it was empowering. If women are strong now, resisting and leading, it is also thanks to Heval Evîn. She gave us courage. She was influencing the people and mobilizing them. We promised to continue the fight. We will raise our children with struggle.”

‘Her silence was instructive’

Mihemed Xelef said that he stayed with Martyr Evîn for 3 years and added: “She didn't talk much, she trained us with her silence. Her silence was instructive. She created a spiritual loyalty in the people. We felt comfortable with Heval Evîn. People did not run away from Heval Evîn. She had the characteristics of connecting people to the party and making life attractive. You would find what you were looking for in her.”

Pointing out that Evîn Goyî represents the free women's line, Mihemed then addressed the segments that fight for democracy and freedom and said: “Women led the Rojava Revolution. One of these women was Heval Evîn. Once again, a woman was targeted. The silence of the international powers points to a partnership in the massacre. Our call is not to international powers, but to the peoples who are fighting for democracy and freedom. We should not remain silent against those who murdered comrades Sara and Evin. Those who say that they are fighting for democracy should not remain silent against the massacre."


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