Leyla Güven: Freedom of women means freedom of the society

Leyla Güven: Freedom of women means freedom of the society

  • Date: March 10, 2021
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Leyla Güven: Freedom of women means freedom of the society

DTK co-chair Leyla Güven sent a message to celebrate 8 March from Elazığ Women's Closed Prison. Güven said: “The liberation of women is the liberation of societ, the freedom of women is the freedom of society. Bijî 8 to Adarê!"

Democratic Society Congress (DTK) co-chair Leyla Güven sent a message through her daughter Sabiha Temizkan from Elazig Women's Closed Prison, to salute March 8, International Women's Day.

Leyla Güven's message is as follows:

"Dear women,

‘Only those who sacrifice their life can win,’ said Clara Zetkin. Today, all women of the world say ‘We are on the way to reclaim the rights that have been taken and usurped.’ We run towards our freedom by overcoming all the obstacles left by the male-dominated system in our way, one by one. Our peoples should know that in the system women want to establish, there will be a democratic, ecological, free way of life in which everyone can express themselves freely. Hence the liberation of women means the liberation of society, the freedom of women means the freedom of society.

Dear women, as you know, March 8 is not a day of celebration for us women. It is a day of resistance against the male mentality. For this reason, today, women will take to the streets all over the world. We would say loud that the international revolution led by women in Rojava is our role model and that we are not without any alternative. We will shout that the voices of all resisting mothers are stronger and more effective than any weapon in the world.

Our call to all women who unite around the identity of women is this: You are the representatives of the women prisoners on hunger strike and of ill prisoners, of those women imprisoned with their children, of every woman subjected to violence in prisons because of being a woman. You know that the will of women prisoners cannot be over, despite the isolation and despite the use of the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse. Let's the rainbow fly, with all our colours on 8 March 2021. Let's claim for peace, love and tolerance. Bijî 8 to Adarê!"


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