KCK: Women’s struggle will put an end to the AKP/MHP regime

KCK: Women’s struggle will put an end to the AKP/MHP regime

  • Date: March 9, 2021
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KCK: Women's struggle will put an end to the AKP/MHP regime

Defining the women's struggle as resistance "for the liberation of humanity”, KCK said that women's struggle will surpass the worst fears of patriarchy.

The Co-Presidency of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) issued a statement on the occasion of the International Women's Day of Struggle, March 8. "We congratulate on March 8, Working Women's Day, and we remember with gratitude and respect all women who have fallen in the struggle against the patriarchal system," reads the KCK statement and continues, "March 8 is the day of transition from patriarchal winter to the spring of free women. When women rise up, it brings hope for the future to all humanity. Because the struggle for women's freedom is the struggle for the liberation of all humanity.

“If men do not want to live in the filth of patriarchy, they must join the fight”

If men really want to live a free and democratic life, they should become an active part of the struggle for women's freedom. As long as women are not liberated, men will continue to be slaves of the exploitative, repressive, ruling system; they will be condemned to live in the filth of the male-dominated system.

"Killing masculinity"

Against this background, Abdullah Öcalan has developed the thesis of 'killing masculinity'. He himself has killed the dirty and criminal man in himself. Rêber Apo started with his own personality and initiated the greatest struggle against patriarchy in history. He has brought before the eyes once again the creative role of women. The history of mankind has begun under the leadership of women. Rêber Apo, after 5,000 years of patriarchy, has now heralded the beginning of the end of male domination. As much as the male-dominated system may still struggle, it is women who will determine the direction in which humanity moves from now on.

Women's liberation ideology aims at liberation of mankind

Rêber Apo analyzed the social character of women in history and on this basis created the ideology of women's liberation. In fact, it is a philosophy for the liberation of all humankind. In this way, not only the history of women but also that of humanity has been enlightened. With this enlightenment, humankind has risen up and made history. With this ideology, women have become the revolutionary leadership of the liberation of humankind. The 5,000-year-old patriarchy is being shaken to its foundations and the most fundamental revolution in history is taking place.

The spirit of women's liberation is unstoppable

The struggles for women's liberation will advance humanity in terms of a democratic and free life. All ideological and political structures that are not based on women's freedom are doomed to decline and defeat because the wheel of history will turn in the direction of women's freedom struggle. For this reason, Rêber Apo has defined the struggle for the liberation of Kurdish women as the starting point for a democratic civilization in the Middle East. Today, the Kurdish women's freedom struggle has assumed the role of bringing democratic civilization not only to the Middle East but to the whole humanity.

Reality of women's struggle will surpass the greatest fears of patriarchy

With the creation of the ideological-theoretical foundation, the struggle for women's freedom has developed everywhere. For this reason, 2020 was the year in which the struggle for women's freedom made great progress, even though the patriarchal system did everything it could to prevent this development under the pretext of Covid-19. From March 8, women will overcome the obstacles of this pandemic and strengthen the struggle in 2021. The momentum of the struggle of the women's freedom movement can no longer be stopped. The women who have opened their eyes for a free life will gather all humanity around them and overcome the patriarchal system. The fear of patriarchy will grow and the reality of women's struggle will surpass their greatest fears.

The struggle of women will put an end to this government

Today, Turkey has become the center of patriarchal reactionism. It is the AKP/MHP government that represents this mentality. The regime reinforces the male position and pursues anti-women policies. Because of this, more women than ever were attacked in 2020 and hundreds of female politicians who advocated women's liberation were thrown into prisons. The increasing femicides and rapes have been used as a means to consolidate male domination. In this sense, the struggle of Kurdish, Turkish, Arab, Circassian, Muslim, Christian, Yazidi, Alevi women, indeed all women against the AKP/MHP regime, has become a struggle for the liberation of humanity. The struggle of women against the anti-women and anti-humanity AKP/MHP rule, which will be seen on March 8, 2021, will be a turning point in the struggle for democracy in Turkey and freedom for Kurdistan. Women will destroy the roots of the AKP regime.

The AKP/MHP regime has been weakened. It tried to stabilize itself with the attack on Gare. However, it has been hit hard due to the defeat there. The women-led struggle for democracy will put an end to this regime.

With March 8, women in Kurdistan, Turkey and the world will rise up and dispel the dark clouds over humanity."


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