Internationalist Kurdistan Conference in Cologne

Internationalist Kurdistan Conference in Cologne

  • Date: August 3, 2021
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Διεθνές συνέδριο για το Κουρδιστάν στην Κολωνία

Internationalist Kurdistan Conference in Cologne

The third Internationalist Kurdistan Conference will take place in Cologne this weekend.

The third internationalist Kurdistan Conference began in Cologne on Saturday. For two days, different organizations and initiatives from the Kurdistan Solidarity evaluate their activities and discuss their work and projects for the next period under the motto "Defend the Revolution - Build Democratic Confederalism".

The conference was opened with a minute of silence for the martyrs of the Kurdish liberation struggle and an address. The conference started with a political assessment of the situation in Kurdistan and Germany and a review of the year. The planning of joint projects is also a central point on the agenda of the conference, as well as discussions and lectures on democratic confederalism as a social alternative, community building, organizing, ecology, history of resistance, femicide and anti-fascism.

A total of 180 delegates from groups and campaigns such as Defend Kurdistan, RiseUp4Rojava, Women Defend Rojava and Make Rojava Green Again, left-wing media institutions and individuals from politics are attending the meeting. Among them are Nilüfer Koç from the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), journalist Ferda Çetin and Civan Akbulut, who sits on the Essen Integration Council for the Left Party and is a delegate for the North Rhine-Westphalia State Integration Council.


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