HPG: Turkish army suffered heavy losses in South Kurdistan

HPG: Turkish army suffered heavy losses in South Kurdistan

  • Date: April 29, 2021
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HPG: Ο τουρκικός στρατός υπέστη μεγάλες απώλειες στο Νότιο Κουρδιστάν

HPG: Turkish army suffered heavy losses in South Kurdistan

Guerrillas are resisting fiercely against the Turkish invasion offensive in South Kurdistan where at least 38 Turkish soldiers have been killed.

The press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published new information on the course of the Turkish invasion in the guerrilla area in Southern Kurdistan. According to the HPG statement published on Monday, the guerrillas are resisting fiercely and at least 38 soldiers of the Turkish army have been killed. Soldiers have been airdropped from helicopters on several hills and are trying to penetrate the guerrillas' tunnel system, using unknown chemical agents. Guerrillas operate in small units and have carried out several actions on the occupation forces, also using sniper and sabotage tactics.

The statement said, "The occupation operation launched by the Turkish state on April 23, 2021, in the Metina, Avashin and Zap regions within the Medya Defense Zones continues. Our guerrilla units have carried out extensive actions against the invasion and dealt harsh blows to the occupiers. Following the Bazên Zagrosê (Hawks of Zagros) revolutionary offensive launched in the Avashin and Zap regions, our forces launched the Cenga Xabûr (Battle of Khabour) offensive in Metina. Details of the actions of our forces in the revolutionary offensives will be published as soon as they are available."


According to HPG statement, guerrillas carried out several actions in Avashin on Sunday. A Turkish unit on Hill Martyr Serdar in the Mervanos area was struck from close range, leaving six soldiers dead and others injured. The remaining soldiers abandoned their position on the hill and took flight.

On Hill Mamreşo, Turkish troops intensely used poisonous gas as they tried to advance into a guerrilla tunnel system, and they were stopped by guerrillas using sabotage tactics. At least three soldiers were killed and many others were injured here.

Also on Hill Martyr Serdar, the Turkish forces suffered heavy losses and retreated after their attempt to enter tunnels by means of poisonous gas were foiled by guerrillas.

On April 26, the Turkish army attempted another advance toward the tunnel and was attacked from close range. Three soldiers were killed and others were injured here.

At 9:30 a.m. Monday morning, guerrillas infiltrated a position of Turkish forces on Piramit Hill and seized weapons and military equipment. At least four soldiers were killed here.


In the Zap region, two soldiers were killed using sabotage tactics in the Nerwê Gorge on April 23. The remaining soldiers in the unit took flight, leaving the bodies behind. On April 25, two soldiers were shot dead by YJA-Star snipers in the Qela Bedewê area. Two other actions by the guerrillas in the area resulted in the death of four soldiers.

Following the actions, the Turkish army bombed the Cîloyê Biçûk area and soldiers were airdropped from helicopters on Hill Martyr Munzur on Monday. Late in the evening, guerrillas struck helicopters trying to enter the T area. The helicopters were thus forced to retreat.

On Monday morning, a Turkish military unit stationed at Hill Martyr Serxwebûn was struck at close range. At least eight soldiers were killed in the action. At the same time, two drones came under fire. The drones, which were partially hit, then withdrew from the area.


On April 25, at least one soldier was shot dead by an HPG sniper on Hill Zendura, and another soldier was killed in a sabotage operation. On April 26, a Turkish army unit in Banê Şkeftê was struck from close range, and at least one soldier was killed. On Monday morning, a guerrilla action at Tepê Zendura left two soldiers dead.

On April 23, the Turkish Air Force carried out a massive bombardment of the Derarê area. Subsequently, soldiers were airdropped from helicopters in Derarê, on Hill Zendura and in Koordine Gorge. Guerrillas struck the helicopters four times and forced them to retreat.

On April 24, Turkish troops were also airdropped on Hill Martyr Dilber. When they established positions a day later, they were targeted by a YJA-Star sniper, leaving one soldier dead.

On April 25, seven sabotage actions were carried out against the occupation forces. While an unknown number of soldiers were killed, the dead and wounded were later taken away by military helicopters.


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