HPG releases balance sheet of war for May: 238 invaders killed

HPG releases balance sheet of war for May: 238 invaders killed

  • Date: May 26, 2021
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Το HPG δημοσίευσε τον ισολογισμό του πολέμου για τον Μάιο: 238 εισβολείς σκοτώθηκαν

HPG releases balance sheet of war for May: 238 invaders killed

The HPG announced balance sheet of war for May. Guerrillas carried out 34 air strikes. While dozens of positions and military equipment were destroyed, 6 helicopters were hit. 238 invaders were killed. 39 guerrillas were martyred.

The Press Office of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) announced the one-month balance sheet of war on Tuesday, providing the following information:

“Our struggle for freedom against the colonialist genocidal Turkish state has been continuing without interruption for the last 6 years. This war has entered a new stage with the invasion attack on Avashin, Metina and Zap areas launched by the Turkish army on the night of April 23. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has mounted historic resistance for a month. Although the Turkish army had a plan to invade several places in South Kurdistan, its forces have been halted by the resistance in Zendura, Small Cilo, Mervanos and Mamresh areas. Thanks to the resistance of our heroic martyrs, the enemy could not advance and maintain its dominance. The one-month war period has also revealed very important results.


The Turkish state has commenced a total genocide attack against the Kurdish people. For this reason, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla is carrying out a total and comprehensive resistance everywhere from Amed to Amanos, from Botan to Serhat and Dersim. The Apoist sacrificial attitude of our heroic martyrs reassures all Kurdish people, youth and women in terms of leading the Time for Freedom campaign, frustrating plans to invade Kurdistan, breaking the isolation and destroying fascism. The resistance of the People's Defense Forces which are successfully fulfilling their duties on the basis of the Revolutionary People's War, as well as the actions and national attitude that Kurdish youth and our people will develop with the spirit of serhildan (popular uprising) will produce results for us.

The historic resistance developed in the mountains of Kurdistan in the Apoist spirit of sacrifice is completely a creation of our heroic martyred comrades. Our forces carried out effective actions with rich tactics, from Dersim to Serhat, Amed, Botan, Mardin, Avashin, Heftanin, Metina, Zap and Xakurke, on each day of May, the Month of Martyrs. For the first time in the history of our struggle, our forces dealt major blows to the Turkish state's domination of the area using various methods from assault to infiltration, from sabotage to ambush, from heavy weapons to assassination, from air strikes to coordinated guerrilla team actions.


As a new tactical initiative, our Martyr Delal Air Defense Forces which are renowned for their effective actions, also displayed an important war performance in a one-month period. The 23rd Border Division Command in Şırnak, which coordinates attacks against South Kurdistan, the 8th Main Jet Base in Amed which is the base of the fighter jets that have bombed the mountains of Kurdistan and killed our civilians and the coordination centre of the drones used for reconnaissance and intelligence in Batman, were hit with success by the Martyr Delal Air Defense Forces. However, the Turkish state attempted to hide the results of these actions from the public and disseminated fake news. Our Martyr Delal Forces carried out these actions based on new and more effective techniques that the Turkish army could not prevent.

The arrogance of the occupying Turkish state has been once again shattered with this one-month resistance as in Garê. It has been demonstrated that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla is a voluntary force which represents freedom and hope against this genocidal colonial fascist power that haunts the peoples of the region and the Kurdish people.

Actions carried out by our forces:

- 2 ambush actions

- 6 infiltration actions

- 10 coordinated and simultaneous guerrilla actions

- 13 strike actions

- 21 sniper actions

- 29 artillery actions

- 42 sabotage actions

- 46 assault actions

- 169 guerrilla actions were carried out in total.

Our comrades who were martyred:

- 39 of our comrades fell as martyrs.

Actions carried out by Martyr Delal Air Defence Forces:

- 34 actions were carried out by Air Defense Forces

Attacks carried out by the invading Turkish army:

- The Medya Defense Zones were bombarded hundreds of times each day without interruption by howitzers, helicopters and fighter jets.

- 42 attempts were made to enter the war tunnels; they were all pushed back with no results.

- Chemical weapons were used 12 times.

As a result of the actions carried out by our forces:

- 238 invaders were killed.

- 30 invaders were injured.

Enemy vehicles hit by our forces:

- 2 drones

- 6 helicopters

- 1 cobra type vehicle.

Military equipment destroyed by our forces:

- Bullet proof shields

- 1 Amarok type armoured vehicle

- 1 Cobra type armoured vehicle

- 1 Reo type vehicle

- 1 A4 heavy machine gun

- 2 radars

- 3 tents

- 3 surveillance cameras

- Dozens of positions have been destroyed.

Enemy military equipment seized by our forces:

- 1 MPT gun

- 1 Grenade thrower

- 1 BKC

- 1 B7

- 1 thermal binoculars

- 1 radio device

- 2 weapon sights”