Geir-Pedersen warns: The fragile calm in Syria may collapse

Geir-Pedersen warns: The fragile calm in Syria may collapse

Ο Geir-Pedersen προειδοποιεί: Η εύθραυστη ηρεμία στη Συρία μπορεί να καταρρεύσει

Geir-Pedersen warns: The fragile calm in Syria may collapse

UN special envoy to Syria, Geir Otto Pedersen, warned that the fragile calm in Syria could collapse at any moment, a day before the fifth round of negotiations of the so-called Constitutional Committee.

At a press conference ahead of the fifth round of negotiations of the "Syrian Constitutional Committee" scheduled for tomorrow, Monday in Geneva, Pedersen said: "Although the past ten months have been quieter during nearly a decade of the conflict in Syria, hardly any changes have occurred on the front lines, However, the situation may collapse at any moment. "

Pedersen described that calm as "fragile" and added that "the Constitutional Committee cannot act in isolation from other factors."

He pointed out that there is a need for international cooperation and "real negotiations, and for the different parties to sit down and genuinely exchange views on how to advance this process," and said that "if this political will is missing, it will be very difficult to push the process forward."

The fourth round of the meetings of the so-called Constitutional Committee ended on the fourth of last December without achieving tangible results.

Two days ago, 3 political blocs in the so-called Syrian Negotiation Commission expressed to the UN envoy Geir Pedersen, Russia and other regional countries their annoyance, calling for addressing the influence of Ankara, which is interfering with all the joints and decisions of the Commission and the "Constitutional Committee", and the political decision in general.

Representatives of the "Cairo Platform", "Moscow Platform" and the "Coordination Committee", which are the main forces in the "negotiating body" that represents (the opposition) in the meetings of the Constitutional Committee, sent a written letter to Pedersen in order to contribute to solving a problem within the body related to the representation of the "platform" Cairo and the Independent bloc.