‘Everywhere in Idlib is being Turkified’

‘Everywhere in Idlib is being Turkified’

  • Date: August 10, 2021
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Ο Ερντογάν τουρκοποιεί το κατεχόμενο Ιντλίμπ στη Συρία

'Everywhere in Idlib is being Turkified'

Evaluating the situation in Idlib, Democratic Socialist Forces Spokesperson Mehmûd Hebîb stated that the Turkish government is planning to Turkify the entire region and incorporate Idlib into Turkish territory.

Idlib has become a critical site in the Syrian issue following the Astana talks between Russia and Turkey in 2019. The situation in Idlib, where the Turkish state is involved, is getting worse day by day. Speaking to ANHA about the latest situation in Idlib, Democratic Socialist Forces Spokesperson Mehmud Hebib said that in the last two years, 1 million 400 thousand people have been compelled to migrate.


Mehmud Hebîb indicated that the majority of the people of Idlib live in extremely severe economic, security, political, and health situations, estimating a population of roughly 4 million people. "Islamic parties associated with the Turkish state are manipulating the economics of the region for their advantages and converting the needs of the people into chances for themselves," Mehmud Hebîb stated and added that Jabhat Al Nusra declared its political domination in Idlib. “The situation in Idlib isn't looking good. People want a long-term answer," he noted.

Stating that Russia asked the Turkish state for a list of gang groups in Idlib, Mehmud Hebib continued, "This request was not simply an ordinary request made in front of the press.  Every day, Russia attacks the city, alleging the presence of extremist groups in Idlib as a justification. The Turkish state, on the other hand, is utilizing these groups against the public to ensure that no one challenges its policies.”

'Occupied lands are being Turkified'

“These groups are aiming to ruin the Syrian revolution,” Mehmud Hebib stated, noting that gang groups receiving instructions from the Turkish state did not support the Syrian revolution. Despite its strength and help from Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian groups, the Damascus government was unable to put out the flames of revolution throughout the region up to Idlib, Hema, Homs, and Eastern Ghouta.

“Islamic groups operating under Turkish intelligence have derailed the Syrian revolution,” Mehmud Hebib remarked. The Turkish state and the government in Damascus were able to track down the revolution due to Russia's assistance. These groups, which did not offer anything to the Syrian revolution, poisoned it with their actions.”

"Groups like Ihvan, which have become the toys of the Turkish intelligence, have turned the Syrian revolution, which is a demand for freedom, into sectarian and ethnic demands," said Mehmûd Hebîb. He stated that many intelligence organizations, particularly Turkish intelligence, are attempting to play with the Syrian cause. Syria's people have paid a high price for the revolution. Syrian youth who are part of Turkey's gang groups should avoid making this mistake. Because of the Turkish state, people from Northern and Eastern Syria have been migrating for years. In the seized territories, Turkish currency is now required. All of this only adds to the people's hardships. Occupied lands are being Turkified, Turkish governors are managing them,” he said.

Pointing out that the Turkish state pretends to support Syria's territorial integrity in international forums, while the truth is quite the opposite, Hebîb added, "The Turkish state's goal is to break up Syrian territories and add them to their own lands. The Astana negotiations are primarily aimed to achieve this purpose. Russia is also watching this situation. Turkey's goal is not limited to Syria; it wants the National Pact to include all of its borders, from Aleppo to Mosul and Kirkuk. The Syrian people are paying the price for this."