ANHA agency’s camera monitored the course of the Euphrates River in one of the areas near the Rojava Dam (Tishreen), where the water level had dropped to a historic level; as a result of the Turkish state preventing water flowing into Syrian territory.

The video captured by ANHA correspondent from the air show; The course of the Euphrates River in a valley, 3 km wide, in which the river water receded and only tens of meters remained in it.

The Turkish state has been blocking the water since January 2021, in violation of the agreement signed in 1987 between Ankara, Damascus, and Baghdad.

Syria has the right to obtain 500 cubic meters of water per second, while Iraq obtains 60% of that quantity. This is what Turkey has been violating for years in a war with water weapons that it has been waging against the regions of NE Syria, according to what observers confirm.

Water supplies threaten agricultural and industrial activities in the Euphrates Basin in Syria, in addition to areas such as Manbij, Kobani, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, and the city of Aleppo benefiting from Euphrates water as a main source of drinking water.

In addition, the decline in the river level greatly affected the dams generating electrical energy and feeding the areas, and also caused the death of large quantities of fish and organisms in the river.

The administration of dams in NE Syria earlier called on international forces and human rights organizations to intervene and “stop the brutal practices and Turkish blackmail”.


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