Catalan MP: Rojava can be lighthouse for democracy

Catalan MP: Rojava can be lighthouse for democracy

  • Date: March 6, 2021
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Catalan MP: Rojava can be lighthouse for democracy

The European policies adopted against the Kurds was strongly criticized by a Catalan MP in respect to the Turkish crimes committed, hailing at the same time the progress made on the ground by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

Francesc de Dalamses deputy and spokesperson for the Foreign Relations of the Juntos Por Cataluña Party, in an interview carried out by ANHA, stressing that Turkey is just a security card in the hands of the EU just to watch the borders reciprocating this, Europe preserves silence in respect to all the crimes committed in the region by the Turkish Forces.

''there has been misinformation on the atrocities perpetrated by Turkey in Rojava such as breaching the basic human rights, arbitrary disappearance, and cutting the main resources such as water and medicines in addition to attacking the populated areas'', he added.

The Catalan MP that paid a visit to the region in 2015, touched the progress made on the ground in the war time and the constant attacks by different parts and mercenary groups.

In Catalonia, a self-administered region in northern Spain, except all other Europe, there has been a great amount of solidarity with the Kurdish Question, and most MPs in this region have direct ties with some Kurdish politicians and activists in a place in Kurdistan, of which lately an invitation was sent to a Kurdish activist to speak in the Catalan Parliament to condemn crimes and breaches committed by Turkey against civilians in Rojava and North Eastern Syria, as well as a visit paid by a Catalan delegation to Rojava two months ago.

''capabilities and knowledge are both present in Rojava that could make it a lighthouse for democracy and human rights in the whole region'', he said.

De Dalamses hailed the role played by women '' the role played by women and the local governance were essential in the course to put this into action these social, political and economic transformations, and the international community can be a participant and an official in this transformations, or, a part in demolition as it is now''.

The foreign policy of Europe regarding the Turkish crimes was criticized by the Catalan MP, '' lack of a foreign EU policy based on basic democratic principles and consolidating human rights affect the actions put into action by Turkey and the gradual abandonment of the European military and political duties gave a free hand to the Turkish Military- and indirectly all militias affiliated to ISIS or given birth by- to proceed all oppression species in Rojava''. 'why the Kurds were neglected by the international community after they put an end to the Islamic State(Daesh)'', he wondered, continuing '' the fight by the Kurdish Forces created a wave of confidence by the people and the EU, but obscurely that diminished, and paved the way for the Turkish Forces to advance into the region and created media and political inaction from the part of Europe''.

De Dalamses stressed  that a double role was played by Turkey in dealing with the EU, more specially after the Syrian refugees were decided to be settled in EU countries indicating that a shameful agreement was signed with Turkey in which Turkey received huge amounts of money, in return for EU giving blind eye and deafening ear to the Turkish breaches''.

Some EU countries, most notably Spain, defend Turkey as a merchant and a political partner in the region, as well as having military ties relevant to arms and military exchanges this is the fact the made Spain to lash out at the Turkish deviation from democracy led by Erdogan''.

The Catalan MP indicated to the Catalan solidarity with the Kurdish Question '' Catalonia is more likely one of the European regions that has the biggest solidarity with the Kurds, in this sense, it is an exception, for in addition to the political support there are development projects and human bids''.

''from Catalonia, we would like to tear the map of silence and to assure our position internationally to give recognition to the human rights as a means to the solution of all disputes peacefully, in this regard, the Turkish deviation from democracy is condemning, and we continue to defend the Kurdish movements'', in my capacity as an MP, I would like that all the EP MPs abide by the human rights issues, and our MPs to remain in the Parliament to proceed condemnation to the Turkish policies'', Mr. Francesc de Dalamses concluded.