Arab fighters Delal Amed and Omer Tilkoçer, who joined the guerrilla ranks for an equal, dignified and free life, emphasized that the PKK is of great importance for the brotherhood of peoples.

The attacks of the Turkish state against the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) continue. Unable to break the guerrilla resistance, the Turkish state resorts to all kinds of atrocities, including chemical weapons. Arab fighters Delal Amed of YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) and Omer Tilkoçer of HPG (People’s Defense Forces), who joined the guerrilla ranks to fight against these attacks, stated that the PKK is of great importance for the brotherhood of peoples.

YJA Star guerrilla Delal Amed: My sister’s martyrdom influenced me to join the guerrilla ranks. When my sister Berwar Zîlan was martyred in the Tiyar Valley, I was influenced and joined the guerrilla. Arab friends joining the PKK is of great importance for the brotherhood of peoples. I consider myself lucky because I chose such a path. After the breakthrough of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) and the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), women started to recognize themselves and chose to fight. This led many women, especially Arab women, to join the PKK. Getting to know Leader Apo and his philosophy opened the way to a new life for me.


The Turkish state wants to destroy the Kurdish-Arab brotherhood and start a war between them. The participation of Arab youths in the guerrilla ranks will frustrate these policies of the Turkish state. As Kurdish and Arab fighters, we will strike a blow against the enemy by fighting together. As Arab fighters, we will fulfill our role and mission in this process to the end. We will not allow the enemy to step into our mountains. It is the duty and responsibility of every Arab and Kurdish youth to disrupt the plans of the Turkish state. As a guerrilla from the Arab nation, my aim is to respond to this process and ensure the physical freedom of Leader Apo.

HPG guerrilla Omer Tilkoçer: When I started to get to know the PKK, I realized that it is different from other organizations. Especially the comradeship relations in the PKK are very meaningful. Thousands of fighters from Kurdish, Arab and other nationalities fight together against the attacks of the Turkish state. This is one of the reasons why I joined the PKK. The PKK protects the people everywhere against oppression. Leader Apo’s ideas are now spread all over the world. He is the leader not only of Kurds but of all oppressed peoples. Because everyone who adopts Leader Apo’s ideas accepts him as their leader. Oppressed peoples are trying to implement Leader Apo’s ideas. The PKK is such a party that every nation lives with its own culture and language. This is very meaningful and important. As an Arab guerrilla fighter, my goal is to ensure Leader Apo’s physical freedom.




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