Al-Hol camp operation captures 125 ISIS members

Al-Hol camp operation captures 125 ISIS members

  • Date: April 13, 2021
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Συνελήφθησαν 125 μέλη του ISIS σε επιχείρηση στον καταυλισμό Hol στη Συρία

Al-Hol camp operation captures 125 ISIS members

The Humanitarian and Security Operation launched by the North and East Syria Internal Security Forces in the Al-Hol refugee camp has resulted in the capture of 125 Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) members.

The first stage of the operation launched on 28 March in the Al-Hol camp, where more than 60,000 people are living, has been completed. Overall, 125 ISIS members, including 20 executives, were captured.

During the operation, military equipment, phones, computers and explosive materials were seized.

According to the Mesopotamia Agency’s report, after the first stage of the operation was complete, the Anti-Terrorist Forces (YAT) continued to carry out special operations in the camp. Thirty-three more ISIS members were caught after the confessions of captured ISIS members. High-ranking ISIS members Ehmed Xaşi (Abu Xalid) and Qusey Mihemed (Ebû Gerar) were among those captured.

It was reported that ISIS members, who are citizens of various countries, murdered people to spread the ideology of ISIS in the camp.

El-Hesibê committee removed

Another important outcome of the operation was the revealing and removal of the El-Hesibê committee, consisting of female members of ISIS.

The security operations launched by the Internal Security Forces in the camp are expected to continue over the coming days. However, both the Internal Security Forces and foreign observers who watch the developments are of the opinion that the operations alone are not enough to end the danger in the camp, where thousands of Syrian, Iraqi and foreign ISIS members are staying.

Internal Security Forces are also drawing attention to the possibility that the threat in the camp may spread across the world if permanent security is not ensured.