5 Turkish soldiers killed in Avashin

5 Turkish soldiers killed in Avashin

Πέντε Τούρκοι στρατιώτες σκοτώθηκαν στο Αβασίν

5 Turkish soldiers killed in Avashin

Guerrillas continue hitting Turkish troops participating in the occupation operation in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Last Friday, the Turkish army launched a new ground operation in the regions of Avashin, Metina and Zap in the guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Zones. Guerrillas continue dealing heavy blows to the Turkish occupation forces.

According to reports from the region, HPG and YJA-Star guerrillas hit the Turkish soldiers in the Mamreşo area of Avashin region late Wednesday evening.

Reports say that 5 soldiers have been killed in the action.


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