33 martyrs commemorated in Shadadi

33 martyrs commemorated in Shadadi

  • Date: September 3, 2021
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33 μάρτυρες τιμήθηκαν σε μνημόσυνο στο Σανταντί της Συρίας

33 martyrs commemorated in Shadadi

Shadadi Council of Martyrs’ Families paid tribute to 33 fighters who became immortal in August.

Shadadi Council of Martyrs’ Families held a commemoration at Azadi Hall, center of the council, for 33 fighters martyred at different dates during the month of August.

The commemoration ceremony was participated by Shadadi citizens and council members. Following a minute of silence for freedom fighters in the person of 33 martyrs, Zehra El-Ehmed, a member of the Council, read out the identity information of the martyrs.

Extending his condolences to the families of martyrs, Sabirin El-Teraf, one of the directors of Ewqaf Center in Shadadi, said “Our martyrs created a new history; they paved the way to freedom. Through their historic resistance, they defeated the occupiers.”

Speaking after, Ude El-Hisen, member of Shadadi Military Council, said “We respectfully pay tribute to our martyrs who took a significant and blessed role in the revolution for freedom. Martyrs lead society to the true path, make life meaningful, and enlighten the future of society.”

Commending the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order for the peoples of North-East Syria to lead a free and honourable life, Ude El-Hisen promised to follow the path of martyrs.


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